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Quality comes from competence and experience

FERTILITYGROUP is committed to help you on your way to becoming parents. We believe that teamwork and cooperation are key to a successful treatment. With 30 years of research and clinical experience in endocrinology, reproductive medicine and andrology Dr. Temme heads a team of highly qualified medical and technical staff. From the first consultation to the treatment process and afterwards, an experienced, highly skilled and committed team is dedicated to ensure the best possible advice, treatment and care. Rigorous quality management and risk evaluation guarantee consistent patient care and the best possible results for you.

At our clinic our close-knit team of doctors, scientists, nurses and staff are dedicated to providing optimum care and giving you the best possible chance of having a baby. We are committed to excellence and integrity and our goal is to make your fertility treatment process as comfortable as possible.

Our skilled and caring clinical staff consists of scientists and trained technical assistants as well as compassionate nursing and administrative help: a Head Biopharmacologist with many years of clinical experience in reproductive medicine, particulary IVF; a PhD Biologist with extensive clinical experience in biology and genetics; a Medical-Technical Assistant trained in in-vitro cultivation and cryo-biology acccording to standards of quality management assessed by the German medical board.

We are proud to be one of Germanyís leading specialists in cryo-preservation or egg freezing. It is a cutting-edge technology that allows eggs to be frozen and stored. When a pregnancy is desired, the eggs are thawed, fertilized and transferred to the uterus as embryos.

Our cooperation with Germany’s preeminent genetic testing facility, MGZ Medical Genetics Center, helps you conceive a healthy baby when serious genetic diseases are in your family medical history. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) tests embryos for specific genetic or  chromosomal abnormalities. The selection of unaffected embryos prior to implantation increases your chances for a successful pregnancy.

Portrait Dr. Detlef H. G. Temme Kinderwunsch-Experte Berlin

Mitgliedschaften Dr. Temme

DGGG Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe
DGA Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrologie
BVF Bundesverband der Frauenärzte
BRZ Bundesverband Reproduktionsmedizischer Zentren (Gründungsmitglied)
DVR Dach-Verband Reproduktionsmedizin
DIR Deutsches IVF-Register
ISA International Society of Andrology
ASRM American Society of Reproductive Medicine
WES World Endometriosis Society
ISGE International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology