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International Family Plan

We welcome international patients from all over the world. Some live in Germany and travel to Berlin for treatment. Most of our international patients visit from abroad to take advantage of Germany’s world-class medical system, professionalism and the latest advances in research and medical technology. In addition, many patients choose treatment in our clinic due to moderate costs compared to other international destinations.

If you do not live in Berlin or in the region, you can feel confident that we will address your specific needs and coordinate all aspects of your treatment in a manner that keeps travel to a minimum. We offer telephone consultations during which time we can discuss your options and possible treatment plans. Should you decide to start treatment, you can schedule an appointment at a time when travel is convenient. Some initial lab work and/or cycle monitoring may be performed ahead of time at an gynecological office near your home. Because each patient is individually considered, details may vary and will be thoroughly discussed with you and your personal physician.

For international families we are happy to offer an individualized package of fertility treatment, accomodation and activites for your stay in Berlin. Please contact us for lists of airports, accommodations, transportation option, and other visitor information.

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